Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playboy's Miss Social Contest!

I really loved being a part of the Playboy Miss Social contest! It was fun, I made a lot of great new friends, found support and love from wonderful people, and just enjoyed it overall. And I am totally fine with not moving on to the finals as I know I did try :)

But there were too many questionable things going on that sucks the fun out of it. Contestants reporting pages, people getting their accounts shutdown or blocked due to false reports, contestants bribing voters with private nude photos, contestants/voters spreading nasty falsities around the internet about fellow contestants, and etc. I have seen a lot of anger, negativity, bitterness, and rudeness. And if that is what it takes to win Miss Social, then I am glad to say I bow out. I am happy not to win a title after this month's contest featured not good old fashioned competitiveness but instead good old fashioned greed and jealousy.

This is no reflection upon the administrators of the contest or Playboy. The way some of these young ladies have reacted is a reflection only of their own lack of self-confidence, self-respect, and morals.

But the contest was not a complete bust! I did make lots of friends, as I said. And that was not in just the category of male "fans" but in some of the other contestants of Miss Social! These women are beautiful, intelligent, talented, and fun to talk to. I wish them all the best and good luck.

So will I run in the contest again? I doubt it. I don't have what it takes to win since it isn't really coming down to who is most sociable but instead on other unrelated things. But I had a great time so maybe I will just for the fun of it :)

Kudos to Playboy for creating an awesome contest that was fun regardless! And congrats to whoever wins this contest. Hope you won it for all the right reasons and enjoy it :)

For the rest of the day, I will be spreading my remaining votes with the girls of the contest who were able to be friendly throughout the competition :)

Comments are always appreciated ♥

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